Patricia Zondervan MD-PhD-MsC is a staff urologist at Amsterdam University Medical Centers, location AMC, The Netherlands since 2011. After completing the study Medical Biology at the Free University in Amsterdam with specialization in oncology and immunology, Patricia went to medical school at University of Amsterdam. Besides her research activities at the Dutch cancer institute (NKI), she received Urology training at the Amsterdam Medical Center, now part of Amsterdam University Medical Centers. Patricia has a strong focus on renal cancer care & research leading to obtaining her PhD in 2020, alongside her clinical work as a urological surgeon. Besides open nephrectomies, she has mastered laparoscopic and robot-assisted kidney surgery, focal therapies such as cryo-ablation and irreversible electroporation (IRE), retroperitoneal lymph node dissections for testicular cancer, and other interventions. Besides the daily clinical work as a urologist in the field of kidney cancer, she build a kidney cancer network Amsterdam for improving the quality of care for kidney cancer. Furthermore, she is active in several projects concerning kidney cancer and quality of care. In addition, Patricia is heavily involved in training in laparoscopy and robotics in the Netherlands and within the EAU.