Born on September 18th, 1963 in Vezza d’Alba (Cuneo), Italy

  • H-index 2009-2018 = 23
  • Pub-Med papers 2014-2018 = 21
  • Number of citations: 1168 from 2014, 2213 overall


§Good knowledge of English and French.

§ Basic knowledge of Spanish.

§ 1989: Medical Degree, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Torino. He discussed his thesis on “Advanced prostatic cancer and therapy with LH-RH agonists”.

§ 1989-1994: Residency in Urology, Department of Urology, San Luigi University Hospital of Orbassano (Torino), University of Torino. He discussed his thesis on “P53 protein in bladder cancer”.


§ 1991-1993: Internship followed by a full-time position in Surgery, San Lazzaro Hospital of Alba (Cuneo).

§ 1993-1999: Medical Assistant in Urology, Department of Urology (Director Prof. D. Fontana), San Luigi University Hospital of Orbassano (Torino).

§ 1999-2002: Medical Manager in Urology, Department of Urology (Director Prof. D. Fontana followed by Prof. R. M. Scarpa), San Luigi University Hospital of Orbassano (Torino), basic professional position level D.

§ 2002-2009: Medical Manager in Urology, Department of Urology (Director prof. R.M. Scarpa), San Luigi University Hospital of Orbassano (Torino), professional position level C1 (Uro-oncology).

§ 2009-2010:Medical Manager in Urology, Department of Urology (Director prof. R.M. Scarpa), San Luigi University Hospital of Orbassano (Torino), professional position level C1S (Urolithiasis).

§ November 2010 – currently: Director of the Department of Urology, Cottolengo Hospital, Torino.


  • Endourology, including ureterorenoscopy (rigid and flexible) for both stones and upper tract urothelial carcinomas, percutaneous nephrolithotomy(PNL) and ECIRS, ESWL, bipolar prostatic resection (TURP), Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (he conceived a new technique called “en-bloc no-touch” HoLEP), Greenlight laser vaporization of the prostatic adenoma, antegrade/retrograde/combined treatment of ureteral and urethral stenoses, and of urethral ruptures.
  • Urinary stone disease (see above; plus comprehensive metabolic evaluation and preventive medical treatment, minimally invasive management of urinary tract stones). In fact he created the inter-disciplinary Stone Center of the Cottolengo Hospital of Torino.
  • Uro-oncology (open and laparoscopic) (dedicated outpatient clinic for postoperative evaluation and follow-up of operated patients, in cooperation with oncologists and radiotherapists).
  • Reconstructive surgery (laparoscopic pyeloplasties, colposacropexies, vesical diverticulectomies, …).
  • He performed as first surgeon about 10000 surgical procedures of all kinds (upper and lower tract endoscopy, as well as major open and laparoscopic major surgery).
  • He was the first urologist in Italy with his previous chief professor R.M. Scarpa to perform ECIRS (PNL combined with RIRS in the Galdakao-modified supine Valdivia position) in 2004. Currently, he has the major patients series (about 850).
  • He developed and published the en-bloc no-touch HoLEP technique for the miniinvasive treatment of BPO (currently more than 600 cases), now developed into the totally-en-bloc low-power approach.


  • First prize for the best video at the 76th Congress of the Italian Society of Urology –  Firenze 2003: CISTECTOMIA RADICALE E CONFEZIONAMENTO DI NEOVESCICA ILEALE ORTOTOPICA CON TECNICA LAPAROSCOPICA” (Radical cystectomy and ileal orthotopic neobladder performed with laparoscopic technique).
  • Rocchetta Prize for the best scientific work on urolithiasis/ESWL at the 80th Congress of the Italian Society of Urology – Bari 2007: “ PCNL IN POSIZIONE DI VALDIVIA-URIA MOD. GALDAKAO NEL TRATTAMENTO DELLA CALCOLOSI RENALE: NOSTRA ESPERIENZA” (PCNL in the Galdakao-modified Valdivia supine position for the treatment of urolithiasis: our experience).
  • Club Litiasi Urinaria (CLU) Rocchetta Prize – Napoli 2009 for the best scientific work: “NEFROSCOPIA E LITOTOTRISSIA TRANSPARENCHIMALE IN CORSO DI INTERVENTO CHIRURGICO PER CALCOLOSI A STAMPO IN PAZIENTE MONORENE ” (Nephroscopy and transparenchymal lithotripsy during open surgery for a staghorn stone in a patient with solitary kidney).
  • Prize for the best video at the 82ndCongress of the Italian Society of Urology – Rimini 2009: “TRATTAMENTO COMBINATO ENDOSCOPICO E LAPAROSCOPICO DI CALCOLOSI RENALE A STAMPO BILATERALE IN RENE A FERRO DI CAVALLO” (Combined endoscopic and laparoscopic treatment of bilateral staghorn stones in a horseshoe kidney).
  • AURO prize, Genova 2012, for the topic Urolithiasis and Endourology: “ECIRS IN POSIZIONE SUPINA MODIFICATA GALDAKAO, NOSTRA ESPERIENZA” (ECIRS in the Galdakao-modified Valdivia supine position: our experience).
  • EULIS Host Centre of Excellence in Kidney Stone Disease (for the Department of Urology, Cottolengo Hospital of Torino (Italy), since 2012).


  • Società Italiana di Urologia (SIU) (also in the scientific committee);
  • Societè Internationaled’Urologie (SIU);
  • European Association of Urology (EAU);
  • Associazione Italiana di Endourologia (IEA);
  • Associazione Urologi Piemontesi (AUP);
  • Associate member of EULIS;
  • Member of ESUT;
  • Member of the scientific committee of the  CIE (Challenges in Endourology and Functional Urology);
  • Active Member of the ESU (European School of Urology), with particular reference to endourologic and percutaneous surgery, as well as to laser technologies;
  • Full Member  of the Endourological Society;
  • Member of the ICE group (International Cooperation in Endourology);
  • Member of the Cadaveric Research on Endourology Training (CRET) study group.


  • Journal of Endourology;
  • World Journal of Urology (editor);
  • Urology;
  • International Journal ofUrology;
  • Minerva UrolNefrol;
  • SpringerPlus (editor);
  • SIU (National congress);
  • EAU (European congress);
  • CIE (European congress);
  • Asian Journal of Andrology.


  • Author of more than 250 national and international publications (basic urological research, uro-oncology, innovations in the area of miniinvasive surgical techniques and endoscopic instrumentation). H-index 23. Total citations 2237.
  • Author of the Guidelines for treatment of ureteral stones of the Italian Society of Urology, 2010, and of the ICUD guidelines 2015 for the renal access in percutaneous nephrolithotomy.
  • Author of a surgical DVD on ECIRS in the Galdakao modified supine Valdivia position and of various videos (including that on the “en-bloc no-touch” HoLEP).
  • Author of the atlas: Supine Percutaneous Nephrolitotomy and ECIRS: the new way to perform PNL, Springer 2014.
  • Author of various book chapters on PNL/ECIRS.
  • Authors of a chapter (with surgical video) for the Smith Textbook of Endourology on Supine position and ECIRS, fourth edition 2019.


Along the years he has been often invited to present during Plenary sessions of the Congresses of the Italian Society of Urology (SIU), of the Italian Association of Endourology (IEA), of the Hospital Urologists Association (AURO), of the Societè Internationale d’Urologie (SIU), of the Endourological Society (WCE), of the European Association of Urology (EAU), of the Challenges in endourology (CIE), of the Russian Society of Urology (St. Petersburg), in China, Korea and South Africa.


§ 1995-2002 support to the courses for residents in Urology of the University of Torino (Kidney and urinary tract diseases, Endocrine-metabolic and nephro-urologic diseases, Surgical nephrology, Endoscopic procedures).

§ 2003-2004 Theoretical teaching and Live Surgery in the Second Level Master’s Degree Course “Endoscopy and Urology Laparoscopy”, San Luigi Hospital of Orbassano (Torino).

§ 2002-2016 Invited lectures during numerous advanced courses during congresses and meetings.

§ 2011-2016 He regularly chairs two-day courses in his hospital dealing with Advanced Endourology (ECIRS and RIRS), once a month or more (courses sponsored by Boston Scientific, ColoplastPorgès, EMS and Karl Storz).

§ 2011-2016 Every year he chairs the Technology and Training in Endourology Course in Torino, held in his hospital, for about 150 attendees with an international panel of about 60 experts. In 2019 the 9th edition will take place.

§ 2012 Teaching on training models bipolar TURP to endourologists during the Ease &Ase in Taiwan.

§ 2012-2014 Teaching and on-site practice on soft cadavers (Turkey) for RIRS and PNL during advanced courses for endourologists.

§ 2006-currently invited to seminars during Italian and international courses for endourologists, sponsored by the various companies.

§ 2011-currently various update courses on urological therapies and approaches for General Practitioners in the Cottolengo Hospital or in their headquarters.

§ 2012- currently brief courses for hospital nurses in Cottolengo Hospital on RIRS, ECIRS, TURP and HoLEP.

§ 2014 – currently ESU course on PNL during the EAU Annual Congress (with T. Knoll and E. Liatsikos).

§ 2016 involved in the Surgery in Motion School sponsored by EAU and ESU (didactic online video library).

§ 2017: EUREP member for the modules on Ureteroscopy, Metabolism and Lasers for stones.

LIVE SURGERIES (particularly endourology, bipolar TURP in the past, PNL/ECIRS and RIRS since 2004, HoLEP/SoLEP lately):

Since 2004 in many urological centers of Italy, of Europe (France, Poland, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Denmark) and worldwide (Argentina, South Africa, …).

Recorded surgery (and related presentation) for the eGrand Rounds organized by the SIU (Societè Internationale d’Urologie) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


More than 10000 surgeries of all kinds (open, laparoscopic, endourologic) as first operator.

He has a large experience in major surgery for oncologic and benign pathologies (open radical cystectomies, open radical prostatectomies, laparoscopic radical and partial nephrectomies and nephroureterectomies, laparoscopic pyeloplasties, colposacropexies, bladder diverticulectomies, …).

His Department in the Cottolengo Hospital has a reference Stone Center (EULIS endorsed), and offers ESWL, semirigid and flexible RIRS and PNL/ECIRS to patients with urolithiasis. In particular, ECIRS (Endoscopic Combined IntraRenal Surgery) is a very efficient technique developed by Dr. Scoffone since 2004, and now popularized worldwide with invited presentations, on-site and local courses and Live Surgeries, employing both antegrade and retrograde access to the kidney, with rigid and flexible endoscopes simultaneously. Radiologists, nephrologists and other colleagues contribute with their skills to the patients coming to the Stone Center.

Another relevant issue is the miniinvasive treatment of BPH and related LUTS. No more open surgery has been performed during the last years even for large adenomas, among the techniques offered there are bipolar TURP (with suprapubic cannula if required), Greenlaser anatomic vaporization of the adenoma and HoLEP, with the newly conceived technique called “totally-en-bloc no-touch low-power”.

Among other skills there is the combined treatment of ureteral strictures (secondary to other tumors, to ureteroileal anastomoses or iatrogenic), with laser incision and antegrade and retrograde access in supine position, and the possibility to subsequently apply long-term stents (2-3 years). Bladder cancer can be removed by means of bipolar TURB, with the possibility of using PDD or SPIES. Holmium laser is largely used also for bladder stones lithotripsy, bladder neck strictures, and urethral stenoses.

§ CONSULTANT/TUTOR for training and engeneering instrumental development for:

  • Boston Scientific;
  • Coloplast Porgés;
  • Cook Medical;
  • DBI;
  • EMS;
  • Lumenis (2014/15);
  • Olympus;
  • Promed;
  • Rocamed;
  • Karl Storz.

The collaboration with the aforementioned companies is based on the implementation of international educational programs (training courses and mentorship activities), as well as on the assessment/development of new technologies.